February in the Maritimes


It’s February, my least favourite month of the year- March isn’t much better in the Maritimes. Being from Victoria, BC is not helping me at this time of year! Out there cherry blossoms are blooming and Spring is already in the air. Out East we are just bearing down for the brunt of Winter. Add the Pandemic on top of this and I have to say, I have not been terribly inspired lately. I find myself in a bizarre little world of no schedule, no performances and domestic tasks that have to be done daily in order to keep the house running. Depression is setting in and I really don’t like it when I get in a funk like this. I wake up each morning and think…’ what am I doing today?? When can I see my family or friends??”

But late last night my buddy Jude shared this wee video with me, and it’s sweet! I went to his place in Baxter’s Harbour at the end of December to escape and play some tunes. He’s pretty tech savvy (unlike me) and has been plugging away at getting things up online, and working on editing our debut album. I think we shall be called the Spruce Larks, and the recording will be called “Out of the Nest.” Here’s the vid on Vimeo, the “posh platform” as Jude likes to say.

Kanada/Olsson from Jude Pelley on Vimeo.