Kirsty Money

Hello and welcome to my website!  I’m still working on some details, but please feel free to browse about and learn a bit about me and what I do as a musician living in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I am a Classical and Baroque violinist by trade, as well as an aspiring nyckelharpa player and teacher.  I got bitten by the nyckelharpa bug in 2015 and haven’t looked back.  I’m always happy to answer questions about this extraordinary instrument and my connection to it.

Contact me for a unique nyckelharpa project.

I am available for live performances, teaching violin and nyckelharpa for all levels, adding music to your recording or movie soundtrack, and other unique projects.


About Kirsty

Originally from BC, I studied violin with Sydney Humphreys at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, and have further degrees from McGill and Western Universities, as well as my LRSM (UK). Currently I am a member of the first violin section of Symphony Nova Scotia. However, I play more than just modern violin!

While studying in Montréal, I was introduced to the Baroque violin, and this has led to collaborations with Early Music musicians like David Greenberg (Tempest Baroque Ensemble), Suzie Leblanc (Early Music Vancouver), Jeanne Lamon (Tafelmusik), Alex Weimann (Pacific Baroque Orchestra), Kati Debretzeni (English Baroque Soloists) and David McGuinness (Concerto Caledonia, Scotland).

My interest in Early Music and living with the Folk Traditions in Nova Scotia, has also inspired me to take up playing the Swedish Nyckelharpa, an instrument dating from Medieval Northern Europe. Since 2015 I have been studying the instrument and its traditional repertoire from Sweden intensely. Through grants from the Canada Council and Arts Nova Scotia I have been to nyckelharpa workshops and festivals in Sweden, the UK and Germany. Principal mentors include Olov Johansson, Josefina Paulson, Magnus Holmström, David Eriksson, and Vicki Swan.

My intention is to bring the amazing depth of sound and versatility of the nyckelhapra to audiences in Nova Scotia, and to the rest of Canada.  I have been bitten by the nyckelharpa bug!